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Florence for Kids - Art, Science, and Food

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Florence is the kind of city that takes the guesswork out of kid-friendly entertainment. From intellectual and sensorial experiences like museum tours and cooking classes, to the fun outdoor options offered by lush and sprawling public parks, your kids won't know what they'll want to do first.

Child-friendly museums


There are few destinations better than Florence where your children can learn about art and history. There are many kid-friendly museums where young minds can learn about revolutionary scientific discoveries, as well as the history of Florence and Renaissance art. With interactive displays and lively guides, they'll leave Florence enriched and enraptured.


Museo dei Ragazzi at Palazzo Vecchio


If you want to show your kids the power of the Medici family, book a tour at the Children's Museum at Palazzo Vecchio. They'll discover what life was like for nobility in Renaissance Florence.


Piazza della Signoria, Florence, 50122. Tel: +39 055 276 8325


Museo dei Ragazzi at Palazzo Vecchio website


Museo Galileo


Your budding astronomers can view the instruments that Galileo created and used. They'll see the 2 remaining telescopes he designed, as well as the objective lens he used to discover the moons of Jupiter.


Piazza dei Giudici, 1, Florence, 50122. Tel: +39 055 265 311


Museo Galileo website

Parks and recreation


You can take advantage of Florence's temperate climate and escape the crowds by visiting one of the city's lush and carefully manicured parks. Aside from offering you breathing space, kids can have fun using public swimming pools, soccer pitches, and tennis courts. Thanks to Florence's abundance of art, they'll also come across historic statues and fountains.


Parco delle Cascine


On the banks of the Arno, this park boasts centuries-old trees, and meadows with lush flora. Once your kids are done marveling at the towering oaks, elms, and maples, they can head to the swimming pool or the archery range.


Piazzale delle Cascine, Florence, 50144. Tel: +39 055 276 8806


Parco delle Cascine website


The bright stars of the Planetarium


As much as Florence is a city of the arts, its history is also firmly rooted in science. The stomping ground of revolutionary minds like Leonardo da Vinci, whose contributions to mathematics, engineering, architecture, and anatomy have shaped the way we look at the world today, it's a veritable playground of scientific discovery. Your kids will marvel at Florence's scientific past, and with a whetted appetite, may just leave the city with great ideas of their own.


Planetarium at the Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica


With the ability to simulate the movement of the sun, moon, and stars, the Planetarium's recreation of visual effects, like views of the sky from the surface of the moon, will amaze your kids.


Via Giusti, 29 50121, Firenze. Tel: +39 055 234 1157


Planetarium at the Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica website


City center delights for all ages


Florence is an undeniably charming city that revels in the delights of a bygone era. Historic buildings, artisan bakeries, authentic restaurants with black tie-wearing waiters, and even an ornate carousel are concentrated in its center. Roaming the streets and taking in their distinctive sights and smells is an evocative experience. Beguiling open-air markets and street artists will make an impression on even your youngest travel companions.


Picci Carousel


In the heart of Piazza della Repubblica, surrounded by Florence's Renaissance and Romanesque buildings, spins the enchanting Picci Carousel. Built in the early 20th century, it's brightly painted in shades of red and blue.


Piazza della Repubblica, Florence, 50123


Family cooking classes


In Florence, much like the rest of the country, preparing and eating good food is ingrained in the culture. Fresh ingredients, age-old recipes, and a deep reverence for the established rules of the land form the basis of a cuisine that's adored by adults and kids alike. Family-friendly cooking classes are widely available across the city, which means kids get to make their own pizzas, pastas, and gelato, as well as learn the fine art of mindful eating.


Toscana Mia Cooking School


In a private apartment in central Florence, Toscana Mia offers family cooking classes where adults and kids prepare pasta, gnocchi, and pizza from scratch.


Piazza Savonarola, Florence, 50132. Tel: +39 334 247 6098


Toscana Mia Cooking School website