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Where to Stay in Fremantle - From High-End Hotels to Budget Backpacker Hostels

Fremantle's accommodation ranges from backpacker hostels to upscale resorts. In between, you'll find midrange hotels, studio apartments, and bed-and-breakfast guesthouses. Most are located in the city centre, with a few in outlying residential suburbs. There are more options on the nature reserve island of Rottnest, a short boat ride from Fremantle.

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Shopping in Fremantle - Market Stalls, Quirky Fashion, and Aboriginal Handicrafts

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, you can probably buy it in Fremantle. From Mexican-inspired clothing to local Aboriginal crafts, “Freo” sells it. There are markets, shopping malls, and specialist gift shops. The city is also a fashion centre, and several leading Australian designers have opened stores in town. Most shops are open every day, and stay open late on Fridays.

From Whale Watching to Historic Shipwreck Museums - What to See and Do in Fremantle

For a city with fewer than 30,000 inhabitants, Fremantle packs in an impressive range of attractions and excursions. Over 150 heritage buildings bear witness to the past. There are museums and replica ships that celebrate the city's ties to the ocean. You can stroll through parkland, or take boat trips to nearby islands. And Perth, the Swan Valley’s vineyards, and barren deserts are all relaxed day trips.

A Guide to Historic Fremantle - a Port City with a Proud Past

On the map it looks overshadowed by nearby Perth, but Fremantle has its own identity. Founded in 1829, the port city is among Western Australia's oldest settlements. It's filled with heritage buildings, and proud of its nautical ties. Laid-back and easy-going, "Freo" today is a vibrant blend of old and new, home to historic markets and trendy cafés. It's also within easy reach of other major attractions, including Rottnest Island.

Brewpubs and DJs, Live Gigs and Cinema - Nightlife and Entertainment in Fremantle

After dark, central Fremantle comes alive with music, dancing, and drinking. The section of South Terrace from Bannister Street to Parry Street has so many coffee bars it's known as the "Cappuccino Strip." You can drink in historic city pubs, hit the dance floor in the clubs, or take in some live music. Fishing Boat Harbour also remains lively into the small hours.

Fremantle with the Family - Fun Learning, Sandy Beaches, and Boat Tours

Fremantle has many attractions and distractions to keep kids of all ages occupied. There are beaches and parks, and informative hands-on museums. You can get a bird's-eye city view from a Ferris wheel, or take to the water on a cruise. When mealtime rolls around, you'll find plenty of family-friendly places to eat.

Arts and Culture in Fremantle - History, Photography, and Aboriginal Art

Fremantle's relaxed, easy-going atmosphere has made it a meeting place for artists in a wide variety of fields. There are Aboriginal people who create works based on their long history and heritage. There are photographers who capture the landscapes of Western Australia, both above and below the waves. And there are world-class museums and arts centres where you can catch an exhibition or a musical performance.

Fresh Seafood and Beachfront Dining - Where to Eat in Fremantle

Despite its small stature, Fremantle is home to more than 100 restaurants, cafés, and other eateries. There’s an array of global cuisines on offer - from Mexican to Asian, via European - as well as contemporary Australian fare. Fremantle's seafood is as fresh as you’ll find, and comes served in a host of ways, from grilled to sashimi. Lots of places operate on a "BYO" basis: bring your own alcoholic drinks.

Top Travel Tips - Getting the Most from Your Visit to Fremantle

Despite being engulfed by the growing metropolis of Perth, Fremantle has an identity all its own. The port city was founded in 1829, placing it among Western Australia's oldest European settlements. Today's "Freo" is a multicultural city, a vibrant blend of heritage architecture and trendy cafés, shops, and bars. It's also close to several other major attractions, including Rottnest Island.

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